“b-source places a strong emphases on safety”

For us, the safety of our employees and their environment is an elementary issue and part of our basic strategy. We feel that excellence in the field of safety can only be reached by means of an integrated safety policy and a safety management system.

The purpose of an integrated safety management system is to control hazards and prevent risks and unwanted events that could cause damage. A clear understanding of the root causes of why dangerous situations occur in an uncontrolled manner, causing risks and potentially disastrous events, is of the utmost importance to assure safety. Accidents are not a co-incidence. Certain root causes lead to risky situations and these risks lead to damage. The origin of some types of damage as a result of certain causes is a dynamic event with causal links.

As a result, b-source has integrated the VCA* system into its corporate policy.
VCA (Safety, Health and Environment Checklist for Contractors) is a process during which a certification body ascertains – based on an audit of our company and our workplaces – if we meet the necessary criteria for VCA certification.

This implies that all our employees possess a VCA SOS certificate.

Furthermore, all our employees are BA5 professional technicians. This means they have acquired additional knowledge through experience and specific training that helps them to personally assess any potential dangers related to electrical works. As a result, they are able to determine themselves what measures need to be taken to eliminate these risks or reduce them to a minimum.

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