about b-source

about b-source

Have you also had the experience of dealing with hired technicians that constantly needed to be monitored? Or whose work did not meet your predefined requirements?

Say no more, this is exactly why b-source is the revelation on the market. The company originates from customers’ desire and need for experienced and committed resources. For this purpose, we went looking for technicians who want to join us in making a difference. Technicians who want to help you go in the right direction. People who have been trained to contribute ideas and, when necessary, question the status quo or conventional wisdom in order to find the right approach or solution for your specific need.

We are convinced that people management is the key to success. For us the challenge of people management is about combining our employees’ passion with their role and assignment. It’s about deploying people in a purposeful way to strive towards a common goal in a productive manner and as a result contribute towards your organisation’s strategy. This enables us to compose a multidisciplinary team that is characterised by its dedication, diversity, complementarity, expertise and experience.

«your right hand technicians»

Are you experiencing an imbalance in capacity or knowledge? Although obtaining additional capacity is fairly easy, you still have to monitor the additional people. As a result, sourcing or hiring additional capacity can only work if your organisation is equipped to monitor temporary workers in an efficient manner.

By outsourcing certain activities or processes, you only specify the results that you expect to achieve and you can focus on your core business again. We come up with a plan of action together with you, and then it is our turn. We take care of the implementation, the monitoring and, if necessary, the work preparation. This approach differs from the classical way of hiring people, and this is where b-source makes the difference!

Sourcing for generalists or outsourcing to specialists? Outsourcing to specialists provides you with higher quality output within a shorter lead time. Bear this in mind when you choose a partner.

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